BreatheWay® Difference

BreatheWay® technology differs from other MAP solutions in two ways.

BreatheWay® membrane technology is one of the few commercial solutions for fresh produce that incorporates a designed selectivity ratio. This ratio means that the permeability of carbon dioxide across the membrane occurs at a rate up to 3.8 times faster than the rate of oxygen (CO2TR/OTR perm ratio 3.8). Using this feature our technology group can select the correct membrane size and ratio for virtually any produce item in virtually any package configuration and still maintain ideal oxygen and carbon dioxide ratios.

In addition to the correct ratio at ideal temperatures, BreatheWay® membranes are uniquely able to maintain these ratios through challenging distribution chains by providing a temperature switch feature to compensate for moderate fluctuations in temperature through transportation. The temperature switch allows membrane permeability to increase up to 1.8 times greater at 50ºF than at 32ºF thereby compensating for the increase in respiration rate of produce over that same temperature range. The warmer the temperature, the faster a given product's respiration will be. Without the ability for the membrane to switch, the package atmosphere could easily become too high in carbon dioxide or too low in oxygen – both of which may significantly damage the produce.

Comparison of Permeabilities of BreatheWay® Membrane and Polyethylene
Description BreatheWay® Membrane Polyethylene Film (2 mils)
Permeability to O2 (cc/100 sq.ins.atm-24 hours) 280,000 254
Permeability to CO2 (cc/100 sq.ins.atm-24 hours) 1,120,000 1,102

Our BreatheWay® technology incorporates patented polymer technology using a crystalizable polymer that has been designed to behave as a temperature switch at an identified temperature. While the change is invisible to the naked eye it dramatically shifts the permeability of the membrane – becoming more permeable at high temperatures and less at lower temperatures. Equally important, BreatheWay® membranes are fully reversible – meaning they will move from a crystalline state to amorphous and back as many times as needed. This temperature switch feature is unique in its consideration of variable temperatures often encountered by packages traveling through complicated distribution chains.

Termperature Switch Diagram

Permeability Diagram

Temperature switch technology to protect your investment in product quality and food safety

Lettuce held at 34º for 45 days

Image of BreatheWay® membrane

Image of BreatheWay® membrane

Image of Tomatoes