Affiliates & Partners
Landec Corporation and its subsidiaries design, develop, manufacture, and sell temperature-activated and other specialty polymer products for the food and agricultural applications. In addition, outside of food and ag, the Company will selectively work with industry leaders as licensed partners. The Company's strategy is to identify commercially attractive business opportunities and to seek market share through the application of its proprietary, enabling Intelimer™ technology.
Apio is breaking new ground in the fresh-cut vegetable industry. Through our complete line of Eat Smart® brand products, utilizing our patented specialty packaging, we deliver unique increased economic value to retailers. Our innovative products are continuing to build and set the industry standards for the fresh-cut vegetable category.

Breakthrough Solutions, LLC
Breakthrough Solutions LLC is the exclusive licensee for BreatheWay® technology for products produced in South America and other select markets. Their knowledge of modified atmosphere technologies as well as their expertise in adding value to fresh produce made them an ideal representative of this technology. Please contact them with any questions or needs regarding extended shelf life packaging for fresh fruits and vegetables, new product development or packaging cost improvements.

BreatheWay® technology preserves freshness, extends shelf life, reduces dehydration and can compensate for mild temperature abuse.

Image of BreatheWay membrane