Because food is better, fresher.

At BreatheWay, we know every step from farm to table is important to keep food healthy, and people that eat it, happy. Our BreatheWay® membrane naturally establishes a beneficial atmosphere environment inside the package to ensure freshness during transport to the retail store, at the grocery store, and at home, too.

A natural solution

The science behind healthy produce is complicated but BreatheWay is simple. Our experts created a smart technology that works for a wide variety of fresh fruit and vegetables in the supply chain. The membrane adapts to fluctuation in fresh produce respiration and temperature, supporting the most beneficial atmosphere for exceptionally fresh produce.

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Increase shelf life. Reduce product waste.

The BreatheWay design delivers a beneficial natural atmosphere for your product.

Growers & packers protect their produce

• Food is protected from temperature fluctuation • Quality is improved and shelf life is extended • Helps manage inventory to maximize profit • Beneficial atmosphere is maintained

Retailers save big

• Ensures produce arrives fresh • Increases sell-through velocity • Yields more marketable fruit • Reduces shrink

People trust the green membrane

• Used on over 50 million packages per year • Stays on the package for prolonged freshness • Found at your favorite retailer Shop BreatheWay bags

Have we met before?

We may look familiar. That’s because BreatheWay is nationwide in US and Canada at our partner locations like Walmart, Costco, Safeway and Kroger. Look for the little white BreatheWay membrane and know that you can trust it’s fresher, longer.

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“Ever since implementing BreatheWay bags, we’ve seen a significant uptick in marketable produce, and a significant reduction in losses. It’s not only put our product in a better light, it’s given me peace of mind.”

– John Newell, COO, Windset Farms

Simplifying the complex.

We have a dedicated team that’s committed to helping you create customized, cost-effective packaging solutions. For each fruit and vegetable application and pack size, you get an integrated solution that comes with tailored, high-quality materials.

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